Photo of Rex Cauldwell, author at Tankless.review
Rex Cauldwell, author at Tankless.review

Rex Cauldwell is a contractor, master electrician, master plumber, home inspector, author and speaker who lives in Rocky Mount, Va.

Rex Cauldwell has an A.A.S. degree in Electronic Engineering. He is the author of “Wiring a House”, “Inspecting a House” which are popular industry standards. He is also the author of “For Pros by Pros: Plumbing.” and “Plumbing Complete”.

Currently Rex Cauldwell initiates, writes, maintains, and supervises content for Tankless.Review.

How We Choose the Best Units for Our Rating

We’re absolutely neutral in our reviews. We do not accept free items or payments for our reviews. We may earn a small commission from any purchase you make, so we’re not biased towards any specific brand. And we genuinely want to give you the most comprehensive reviews of existing tankless water heaters models and brands so you make the choice you wouldn’t regret.

So how good are tankless water heaters that we chose for our list? We have several criteria for our water heater reviews and rating, which include:

  • Brand reputation among plumbers, HVAC professionals, and tankless water heaters owners
  • We evaluated how convenient are the exclusive features that some brands and models offer 
  • Prices as compared to other brands
  • Warranties

In total for our website, we evaluated over 120 models. We interviewed 4 plumbing professionals (including my colleague), and several owners, and created several lists of best water heaters for different needs. I guess professional plumbers and experienced owners are reputable enough source for our tankless heater reviews.

After all the hard work is done, you get a curated list of the best tankless water heaters for every possible need.